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About PTI battery Coding content change notification

Date:2013-11-1 15:58





To our customers



Our company began in November 2013, no special requirements for marking batteries more unified

Coding changes, upgrades to import two-dimensional code. This change does not affect the contents Coding battery performance, please customers

Normal use. Does not affect the customer questioned hereby make a public announcement! Inconvenience look please understand.


The following is the content Coding interpretation:



Rules for the combination code


A total of three lines: two-dimensional code occupies three lines (link address for the Web site of Universal )


The first line of the company trademark nominal capacity Nominal voltage positive sign

The second line of code UL certification actual material production capacity batteries batch code

The third line of battery type string and negative way the factory date code symbol



                                         Shenzhen Universal Battery Technology Co., Ltd.

                                         Shenzhen Century New Energy Battery Co., Ltd.

                                                      November 1, 2013

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