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Lithium dominance is not conducive to the development of diversified scientific development industry

Date:2011-11-22 16:50

The first electric network news: "new energy vehicles for different purposes, different types of batteries, lithium excessive speculation business and industrial development are negative." This statement sophisticated insights from China Energy Ltd. Mr. CEO miss chen. Under the new energy revolution, driven by lithium battery power though became "star", but miss chen believe the industry needs to be more calm, more balanced view on the future development of battery power.

Battery needs diversification

"Each cell, each system has different characteristics. Currently, we regard the focus of this piece of lithium batteries because lithium biggest advantage is the high energy density, which is considered more advanced and more promising. However, currently the most cost advantage is the earliest development of lead-acid batteries. "Chenguang Sen introduced the Road," Currently, the majority of people are not optimistic about the lead-acid battery will become a major trend in battery development, but have to admit that the lead-acid battery car still has its value, especially in small towns, the limited purchasing power of the consumer groups, lead-acid electric car is quite a market. "

"Battery diversification is not limited to the battery type." Chenguang Sen further explained, "which is also divided into different types of lithium batteries, lithium batteries of different types has its own advantages and disadvantages. I personally think that, depending on the use, lithium batteries also require a different chemical system. for example, if you need a long-life battery, lithium iron phosphate choice is better. in short, we advocate a diversified development of the battery. "

Materials technology breakthrough is the key to reducing the cost of

"Currently, the biggest problem encountered in the development of new energy vehicles, in addition to security issues and consistency is how to reduce the cost of batteries. However, under the existing industrial base and material system, a significant reduction in battery cost is very difficult to achieve now only consider improving the production process, reduce labor costs. in fact, only in terms of the material have a big breakthrough, possible cost down significantly. "Chenguang Sen introduced sophisticated energy to achieve technological breakthroughs, has long been talent pool. The company has a team of 70 international R & D R & D staff and 10 senior engineers, since the inception of the enterprise to accompany businesses grow together. At the same time, companies have to ensure that research and development costs from 15 million to 20 million yuan a year, for technically sophisticated energy industry has always been a leader in providing protection.

Chenguang Sen final recommendations, "In China, various battery manufacturers very much, but I believe we can have a big breakthrough in electric vehicle batteries will not be too much. I suggest that the state should focus on the strong support of 10-20 companies, put them make good, the only way we can hope for new energy vehicles. "

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