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Universal of 2013 Chinese New Year Celebration Assembly

Date:2013-1-28 16:05

January 28, 2013, Universal Battery Technology Co., Ltd. "2013 Chinese New Year Celebration Conference" held in Shiyan theaters. The company's chairman Wang Mingjun, general manager Zhu Qiuping groups and other leaders attended the annual feast, and PTI staff come together, toasted, spend a good time. After a brief opening moderator, the company chairman Mr Wong Tung & Partners, he said 2012 was the first year of implementation of the size of the company strategy is the future, consolidate the foundation, the key to grab market share in a year. PTI all people focus on "market-oriented purpose, to technology as the core of the strategy," thinking, bold innovation, triumph. 2012, under the joint efforts of all PTI, we achieved this year the industry's fastest growing, highest sales conversion rates, default rates smallest achievement, creating a Universal of the company since its inception in the highest level of performance.

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